The WATT team is different. How different? 


Imagine a Rubik’s cube that was different each time. Same problem, but a totally different shape and pattern.


Different brands have different challenges. They might be similar, but never the same. Our team is just like that.


We’re completely channel and platform agnostic. We have no preference, no quota to fill, no secret partnerships and most importantly, no staff to allocate work to.


We imagine you repeated that last point again, and rightly so. Our studio is fully scalable, week to week, depending on our client’s campaigns and projects. Our team are selected from our personally vetted global talent network


How does it work? Kind of like an episode of the A-Team:


  • You’ll present us with a problem

  • We’ll put the best team together for the job

  • You’ll have a ton of fun watching it happen

  • We’ll have a ton of fun working on it

  • You’ll be amazed at what could be achieved in a short space of time

  • We'll all be smoking a fat cigar at the end of it

  • You'll say “I love it when a plan comes together”

Disclaimer: There may be some explosions, but no one ever dies.


Building bespoke teams in this way means everyone is hungry for the challenge and fully focused on the end goal.


Our regular contributors are working at the highest level and are selective about who they work with. Unlike many agencies, we’ll give you access to the minds behind the creative, behind the technology and behind the campaigns. The pilots in the jet, not just the company that owns the airline.


Our team is both local and global. We have regular contributors in Jo’burg, London, Rio, NY, Paris and Brighton. If they’re right for the job, they’re right for our team. 


WATT are app developers and illustrators. We are ATL and we’re Print.


It’s this that enables us to focus on the idea that will get you where you need to be.

Regular contributors











Organic (Spain):

Extremely good high fiver

Paid (Poland):  

Bodybuilding champion 1987

Social (South Africa):

First contestant on Knightmare

Video (London):

Ex-member of Riverdance

Creative (Brighton):

Make up artist to the stars