Are we saying that our ideas are better than anyone else's?

No. We are saying that our ideas are different, exciting, whilst having the exectution at all levels baked in.

How do you work?

This is nice and simple... We come and meet you and your team to understand what your business is trying to acheive. We will question everything and probe about, until we have a suffient amount of background information. Following this, we go through the same process, but this time around the problem you are trying to solve.

Do you offer traditional services?

Fair question, as we do not like to think of ourselves and a traditional agency. We have expertise in all aspects of marketing, prodominately in digital marketing and advertising. We offer various forms of consultancy, from auditing channels, building ongoing strategies, supporting internal teams, finding the right people for your business to execute our plan. Do we run PPC accounts (for example)? No. We are a solutions house, which is focused on generating the next BIG idea that will put a brand well and truly of the tongues of their respective auditions.

Why W*TT and not a (*cough* sh*t) larger agency?

Another good question. We won't lie, there are some great agency's out there, but the creative agencies of note, would cost you an arm, a leg and your Gran's semi-detached bungalow. We are not saying we are cheap, but due to our size and focus, we do not hold loads of staff or huge offices, which is where a good percenage of your £/$ go. in a nutshell, we offer you all the expertise of a big agency, just without the big price tag.

I need to choose a suit for my second cousin's kid's christening, can you help?

Yep. Let us know what your old Doris is going to wear and we will coordinate your outfit.

What is your day rate?

It would be easier for us to explain how we charge... We do not charge for any of our initial exporitory meetings. We will then go away and build out some seed ideas which we will present back to you and your team (we will still not charge for this). At this point you will fall in love with us and our ideas. You will choose your favourites to build out further. Based on the ideas you choose and the detail you wish the concepts to be built out in (mock-ups etc), we will then scope accordingly. An idea build out will usually take between 1 - 3 days When you choose the final campaign you wish to run with we will do a final build out with working concepts. This will take a further 3 - 5 days (on average). Then we will scope for the project and support for the campaign duration. The simple answer is, there are no big contracts and retainers. It is more PAYG.

We have anticipated some of your questions here, but please do fire over anything else you would like to know.

We know, we know, this is not your usual agency; and we are happy about that.